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The Department of Kinesiology offers seven academic programs and a variety of experiences for students. Our academic programs include a BS in Exercise Physiology, BS in Health Fitness Specialist, BS in Physical Education, BS in Sports Studies, MAEd in Physical Education, MS in Exercise and Sport Science and a PhD in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science . All of our programs are fully accredited. Our departmental office is located in 63 Minges Coliseum and can be reached at 252-328-4632 or by filling out the “Contact KINE” form.

Our Students

Our students are exposed to many different opportunities and experiences. These experiences and opportunities range from unique research opportunities, professional internships, community service projects, student organizations, just to name a few. Graduates from all of our programs have an extremely high job placement rate after graduation. To learn more about specific student experiences click here.

Our Faculty

Our award winning faculty enthusiastically engage our students in and out of the classroom through interactive lectures, research collaboration, community service projects, as well as other activities. Much of our faculty’s research can be found in national and international publications and has been presented at regional, national and international conferences. Many of our faculty offer classes and/or seminars on professional etiquette, media interviewing skills, etc. Click here to view the Kinesiology faculty listing.


Kinesiology Alumni can be found in many different professional fields and actively engage with current students through internships, classroom presentations, community service projects as well as social activities. Our alumni can be found in careers such as Athletic Director, Coaching, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Personal Trainer, Facility Management, just to name a few. Many Alumni go on to receive advanced degrees in medical, research, and management fields.

Our Department’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

The Department of Kinesiology joins the College of HHP and ECU in fostering a community where members feel safe, included, respected, valued, and supported as we seek to achieve our department mission to enhance health and wellness by understanding and guiding lifelong participation in physical activity, exercise, and sport. We will accomplish this through our commitment to educate ourselves and reflect on various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

We will strive to:
• [work environment] Support an organizational culture of inclusion and openness for all individuals to achieve their individual status for best health by recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, student, and staff community.
• [teaching aspect] Utilize and cultivate methods of teaching that promote our faculty and staff’s ability to possess competencies and remain educated on best DEI practices.
• [research aspect] Investigate health and wellness in a wide spectrum of populations and conduct research encompassing DEI through collaboration with local, regional, national, and global communities.
• [service aspect] Promote health and wellness through serving diverse populations as educators, researchers, students, and community members. Collaborate across our professional communities to promote local, national, and global DEI implementation strategies.
• [student community] Model a community of DEI through our leadership to build students’ competencies to serve an array of diverse, inclusive, and equitable communities.