BS in Sports Studies

BS in Sports Studies


Do you love sports and attending sporting events? Do you want a degree where you can foster your love of sports into a lifelong career in the sports field?

East Carolina University's BS in sports studies program allows you to study nearly every aspect of sport, from science to sociology to management. This degree helps you learn how you can integrate all the different ways that sport interacts with our culture and begin to put those principles into practice. The degree offers a broad view of the sport industry and its connection to our society. The breadth of experience you can gain in the field is outstanding. This degree program will allow you to understand the sport industry from many different angles, giving you the choice as to how you will put that into practice in a vast array of sport settings.

The BS in sports studies is a degree that can be shaped to meet your personal career goals. The program has a required minor, giving you the option to choose minor coursework that will further strengthen your skills as you go out into the working world in your chosen field. Popular minor coursework for sports studies majors includes business administration, communication, leadership studies, merchandising, psychology, and recreation and park management.

Admission Requirements

A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA and 32 s.h. of general education coursework are required for admission to the program. The degree requires the student to declare an approved minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses

Four Year Plan

A minimum grade of C- (1.7) is needed in all required KINE courses for successful completion of the degree.

Students must also complete either one semester-long internship or two field experiences. Prior to either, students must complete a professional seminar where they will learn more about the internship/field experience search process, professionalism, and internship/field experience requirements.  For the internship, students will be expected to complete a 12-week, 480-hour experience with a sport organization.  For each field experience, students will be expected to complete 240 hours with a sport organization.  During this time, students can expect to explore potential career opportunities and apply theory to practice.

Delivery Methods

This program is only offered in an on-campus, Face to Face format.

Additional Information

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects, as opportunities become available.  Students may assist with research and receive course credit, as approved by their advisor.

Institutional and Professional Licensure Disclosures for Enrolled and Prospective Students

ECU degree programs satisfy the professional licensure and/or certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for these exams.  However, requirements in other states may be different.

If you are considering a degree program that may, would, could or potentially lead to a professional license and/or certification, please note that at this time ECU may or may not be able to advise whether a  program meets requirements outside of North Carolina.  Prior to enrolling in a degree program, please discuss this important topic with your program of interest.