HHP Student Orgs

HHP Student Organizations

The College of Health and Human Performance prides itself in the numerous opportunities students have to participate in various clubs and student organizations. Additional information about the clubs and organizations listed below can be found at https://thepirateexperience.ecu.edu/home_login.

Apparel And Interior Merchandising Organization 
  • Mission: Our mission is to bring together merchandising students and students interested in the fashion field and give them connection to real life opportunities.  
  • Membership benefits: Connect with students and faculty to make career advancements 

Arnold Air Society  
  • Mission: The focus of the Arnold Air Society mission is to build strong officers for the United States Air Force. The Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization advocating the support of aerospace power. The “service” aspect is perhaps the foremost in the mind of many members, because of the society’s continuing contributions to our campuses, our communities, and our corps-but it should always be remembered that our primary mission is to improve ourselves as future Air force officers. 

Bachelor of Social Work Student Association 
  • Mission: BSWSA’s mission is to provide services to underrepresented populations and communities while upholding social work professional values. 
  • Membership Benefits: 
    • To create connections with individuals in the social work field 
    • Volunteer in the community to help others and gain experience 
    • Able to use hours and membership on resumes 
    • Connections can provide recommendations for jobs/grad school 
    • Seniors will receive a cord 

Child Life Student Association 
  • Mission: The Child Life Student Association at East Carolina University strives to cultivate a sense of camaraderie within the child life students of ECU and the HDFS community. We come together to share ideas, discuss important questions about our education and to gain extracurricular experience by providing community service. 

Council on Family Relations at ECU  
  • Mission: We are a service organization that is dedicated to the children and families of Pitt County. We are an affiliate of the National Council on Family Relations. NCFR is the oldest, multi-disciplinary, non-partisan professional organization focused solely on family research, practices, and education. We were founded in 1938. 

Design Associates 
  • Mission: the purpose of this organization is (1) to provide students with practical experiences through guild sponsored sales, trips, workshops, and exhibitions, and (2) to improve the university’s awareness of Graphic Design through these activities. 

Early Childhood Student Organization 
  • Mission: The Early Childhood Student Organization (ECSO) is an organization open to East Carolina University students interested in the field of Early Childhood Education. Students in this organization of service within the community and the child developmental center on campus, engage in student collaborations, and networking across our state to contribute to the overall growth of the profession. 

Fashion Club 
  • Mission: our mission is to open the doors of the fashion industry to all our fellow students. From designing to modeling, we want to empower anyone interested, and help express as well as showcase our ECU talent. 

Her+ Public Health 
  • Mission: Her+ Public Health is a professional organization that is dedicated to empowering the women of Public health from all underrepresented backgrounds. Rooted in leadership, community, and opportunity, HPPH strives to create a safe and productive space for women and gender minorities. HPPH’s members will develop skills to better navigate their professional careers in all three concentrations of public health. HPPH will be utilizing an array of workshops, events, and networking tailored to our members’ success. HPPH looks forward to uplifting the next generation of public health minority women and gender minorities here at ECU 

Interior Design Student Organization 
  • Mission: Our mission and objective as the Interior Design Student Organization is to bring our creativity, ingenuity, and true selves to the design industry with authenticity, honesty, and sincerity through the unity and commitment of each talented individual in our organization 

Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization 
  • Mission: The purpose of the Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization is to provide a means for the presentation, consideration, and disposition of all concerns and interests of graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology. The aims of the group are to: 1) Provide student representation in academic and student affairs. 2) Create a sense of community within Kinesiology graduate students 3) Facilitate professional development within Kinesiology graduate students 4) Engage in community service related to health and fitness 5) Facilitate communication between students, the Department of Kinesiology and the College of Health and Human Performance faculty and administration, and the University Administration. 6) Contribute to the enhancement of student academic, social, and professional life.

Kinesiology Majors Club 
  • Mission: Our mission is to promote human movement through social events, professional conferences, and community service. 

Marriage and Family Therapy/Medical Family Therapy Student Association 
  • Mission: The purpose of this organization is to (a) enhance the overall graduate student experience for current MFT and MedFT students; (b) encourage student leadership among its members; (c) encourage and support student opportunities to present research at state and national conferences; (d) organize social events; (e) arrange for professional speakers in the field(s) of MFT and MedFT to present to students at least once per academic year; and (f) provide meals at various program events including, but not limited to fall orientation, mid-year debriefing, and student interview days. 

National Retail Federation Student Association at East Carolina University 
  • Mission: This club is for students interested in retail. Ran through NRF, a national retail industry consortium. Students have been to LA and NYC for retail conferences, led a sustainable fundraiser with Cotton Inc, & speaker events. 

People Helping the Aging Community Thrive (PHACT) 
  • Mission: Our mission is to find a group of students who are passionate about serving the senior community. Together, we will educate our fellow students on campus and participate in service activities on campus and at local assisted living facilities to help make a difference. 

Pirate SCUBA Association 
  • Mission: The Pirate SCUBA Association mission is to create a welcoming association to any of those interested or involved in SCUBA diving and provide opportunities to further their knowledge and experience in the SCUBA diving world. 

Preconception Educating Pirates 
  • Mission: We take pride in educating our members on our 5 pillars of PEP and being a volunteer/service student organization dedicated to raising awareness on women and maternal health and educating others about pre-conception health to mend the gap in the health disparities surrounding preterm birth. 

Public Health Graduate Student Organization 
  • Mission: PHO promotes and supports the Master of Public Health program in the continuous advancement of its standards. In addition, if funds permit, PHO will aid in the advancement of students’ studies through sponsorship of educational trips at both regional and national conferences. Lastly, the PHO will facilitate camaraderie and unity among students through organized events.  

Recreation and Park Management Club 
  • Mission: The mission of the RPM Club is to encourage participation, discovery, community awareness, environmental conservation, networking and bonding among students and provide opportunities to make an impact in the community. 
  • Goals: The mission will be accomplished through; service projects, trips, RPM major recruitment, networking, and career education. 

Recreational Therapy Student Society 
  • Mission: Our mission is to equip recreational therapy students with the support they need throughout their college experience! 

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