Give to HHP

Give to HHP

HHP Pirates Improve Lives.

Join the College of Health and Human Performance (HHP) in our mission to discover, educate, and motivate for healthy communities.

What we achieve together

Each time that we receive a gift of time, talent, and/or treasure from our parents, alumni, and friends, we move the needle significantly in achieving our goals for student success, public service, and regional transformation. Committed donors provide critical resources that contribute to making the HHP Experience outstanding for students and other members of the HHP team, as well as our community partners.

How can you share your TREASURE?

There are several ways to make a gift to HHP.

HHP Scholarships

It is well known that a major barrier to student success is the amount of time students spend working outside of their academic programs. When you support a scholarship, you assist students with being able to devote more time to their studies and being able to take advantage opportunities offered as part of the HHP Experience [such as paid and unpaid research positions, experiential learning/immersion programs, and much more]

HHP Student Professional Development Assistance Fund

This fund provides financial support that enables students to engage in opportunities that faculty and industry advisors endorse as essential to student professional development in fields that HHP students are currently or aspire to participate/work in. Expenses such as travel costs for conference participation, testing or requirements for fieldwork placements, or other costs as outlined in the HHP Student Professional Development Assistance Program Application / Standard Operating Procedures.

HHP Dean’s Fund for Excellence

This fund provides financial support that enables the Dean’s Office to support initiatives of the administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of HHP when state funding is not available and when the initiative is important to the advancement of the College.

Cornerstone Society

Cornerstone Society members are generous donors who contribute $1,200 or more during the calendar year to their area(s) of choice. Interested in being a Cornerstone Society member? Contact us today!

There are also several ways to make a gift to individual units within HHP

Air Force ROTC


Department of Health Education and Promotion

Department of Human Development and Family Science

Department of Interior Design and Merchandising

Department of Kinesiology

Department of Recreation Sciences

School of Social Work


How can you share your TIME & TALENT?

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