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Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab

Research projects in this lab include examination of health behaviors with an emphasis on substance use behaviors. Many of the projects in the HBTRL focus specifically on examination of tobacco use behaviors including emerging and alternative tobacco use behaviors such as electronic cigarette use/vaping and hookah/waterpipe tobacco smoking. Research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students are available. The purpose of this lab is to conduct research that will inform prevention and policy efforts that can improve community health. To learn more about the HBTRL click here.

Faculty Associated with the Lab. – Dr. Eric Soule (Director) and Dr. Joseph Lee

Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene Research Lab – Belk 3301

Research projects conducted in this lab include activated carbon fiber research for respiratory protection application and quantification of pesticides by gas chromatography. This lab provides laboratory research opportunities for undergraduate and/or graduate students in majors related to science and engineering (e.g., environmental health, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering).

Faculty Associated with the Lab. – Dr. Jo Anne Balanay

Water/Wastewater Research Lab – Belk 3302

Research activities conducted in this lab include analysis of water samples for fecal indicator bacteria concentrations, calibration of field meters for pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, and turbidity. Storage and maintenance of environmental research equipment and supplies. Student research opportunities  for graduate and undergraduate water and wastewater related research are available for motivated, mature students. Many of the externally-funded research projects involve an outreach and education component, and local partner participation.

Faculty Associated with the Lab. – Dr. Charlie Humphrey

Vector-Borne Disease and Insecticide Research Labs – Belk 3304/3305/3305A/3306

Biological Safety Level- [BSL] 2 Lab for arbovirus work, molecular biology lab for qRTPCR, insectary for rearing mosquito colonies, insecticide resistance testing/field mosquito control operations lab. Student research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student research is available. Community outreach and services for many of our research projects involve interaction with the public and various agencies (e.g., public/private mosquito control programs, public/environmental health programs, public works, etc.) in local communities.

Faculty Associated with the Lab. – Dr. Stephanie Richards

Public Health Genomics Lab – Belk 2601

Educational intervention regarding autism genetic testing among parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); Family health history promotion among underserved population; Cancer prevention among young adults. Students who are interested in the field of translating genetics/genomics knowledge and practices to patients and their families affected by genetic conditions (particularly ASD and different types of cancer) are welcome to volunteer in this lab. Our lab has been attending a variety of local autism community events for children with ASD, such as Autism Awareness Walk/Run, Pitt County School District Autism Education Fair and diverse social events organized by Autism Society of North Carolina.

Faculty associated with the lab – Dr. Lei Xu (Director), Dr. Alice Richman, and Dr. Linda Mitchell

Rural Health Disparities Lab – Belk 2602

We are an interdisciplinary Lab that educates and mentors students and community members in cancer research in an effort to reduce cancer health disparities. We provide students and community members with research experiences that focus on reducing cancer health disparities in the eastern North Carolina (ENC) region. Our research projects focus on understanding cross cutting issues, such as social determinants of health and health disparities, across the cancer control continuum among racial/ethnic minority and medically under served populations. To learn more about the Rural Health Disparities Lab click here.

Faculty associated with the lab – Dr. Alice Richman (Co-Director), Dr. Essie Torres (Co-Director), and Dr. Deeonna Farr

North Carolina School Health Training Center

The North Carolina School Health Training Center is committed to strengthening the quality of Health Education within a coordinated school health program.  The Center provides programs throughout the state for teachers, nurses, counselors, administrators, and public health educators to reduce health-risk behaviors in children and adolescents. To learn more about the The North Carolina School Health Training Center click here.

Faculty associated with the center -Dr. Michele Wallen and Jamie Williams