Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab

Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab

Welcome to the Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab! The HBTRL conducts research projects examining health behaviors with an emphasis on substance use behaviors. Many of the projects in the HBTRL focus specifically on examination of tobacco use behaviors including emerging and alternative tobacco use behaviors such as electronic cigarette use/vaping and hookah/waterpipe tobacco smoking. The purpose of this lab is to conduct research that will inform prevention and policy efforts that can improve community health.

Current Research Projects

The Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab includes a variety of ongoing studies. You can read about each study below:

Barriers to quitting cigarettes among African American people who smoke menthol cigarettes study.

Purpose: The purpose of this research study is learn about the barriers and challenges that African American or Black individuals have experienced related to quitting smoking menthol cigarettes.

Study Details: In this study, you will be asked to complete 3 tasks online (Brainstorming, Sorting, and Rating described below). Also, you will be asked to fill out questions about yourself and your use of menthol cigarettes and other tobacco products. You will need to have a computer or mobile device to access the study information and you must be over the age of 18 to participate.

Part 1 (Brainstorming) involves you providing statements that complete a focus prompt related to your barriers or challenges you may have experienced related to quitting menthol cigarettes. Part 2 (Sorting) involves a sorting task related to the statements from the Brainstorming task. You will be asked to organize the statements from Brainstorming into groups of statements that are related to the same content, meaning, or theme. Part 3 (Rating) involves a rating task related to the statements from Brainstorming. You will be asked to rate the statements based on how true they are for you.

Brainstorming will be conducted first. Sorting and Rating will be conducted together approximately one month after Brainstorming has been completed. We will contact you approximately one month after completing Brainstorming to complete Sorting and Rating. If Brainstorming has been completed when you enroll in the study, you may be asked to only complete Sorting and Rating. Brainstorming will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Sorting will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. Rating will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Confidentiality: We will not tell anyone the answers you give us; however, information from the study may be included in a research presentation or papers, but the responses will never be linked to you.

Payment: You will be paid for each part of the study that you are assigned and that you complete. You will receive $10 for completing Brainstorming, $25 for completing Sorting, and $10 for completing Rating. Payments will be in the form of electronic gift cards.

Interested in participating? Complete the screening questions to find out if you are eligible by clicking the link below. You can also contact us at HBTRL@ECU.EDU if you have any questions.


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Student Research Opportunities

There are multiple opportunities for students to get involved with conducting research and other activities with the HBTRL. Students will receive research mentorship and can contribute to ongoing projects in the HBTRL or student-initiated research projects. Are you interested in getting involved with research with the Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab? Contact Dr. Soule for more information.

HBTRL Contact Information

Health Behavior and Tobacco Research Lab Email:

Eric Soule
HBTRL Director
Assistant Professor
College of Health and Human Performance
East Carolina University
2306 Carol Belk Building