Cadet Life/Student Experience

Army ROTC - Cadet Life


Cadets participate in a variety of different activities creating an immersive college experience. Some of these experiences include Color Guard, Cannon Team, Ranger Challenge Team and other morale building activities. ECU Army ROTC (also known as the Pirate Battalion) fields teams in most intramural sports providing Cadets multiple opportunities to participate in a competitive atmosphere. The Pirate Battalion has also participated in the Ranger Challenge (a two-day event containing every Military test imaginable), Patriot Run (five miler) and the Army Ten Miler held at the Pentagon. As with other students at ECU cadets participate in campus-wide clubs, organizations and activities.  

Student Organizations:
Club Sports
ECU Student Organizations
Army Ten-Miler


Along with lessons learned in the classroom cadets have unique training and development opportunities outside of the classroom. ECU’s Army ROTC program uses the standard army practices to help our Cadets achieve their personal professional goals by utilizing various leadership training and development methods. These programs and methods include dynamic classroom instruction, Tactical and Garrison Leadership Labs, field training exercises, physical fitness training and mentoring and role modeling. Other leadership and developmental opportunities include Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, Northern Warfare, summer internship programs, Drill Cadet and Cadet Troop Leader Training Programs. Much of our training takes place at our world class obstacle course and repelling center. 


Program Requirements

The program consists of a two-year basic course which is normally taken during the freshman and sophomore years in college. The basic course is followed by a two-year advanced course which includes a 37-day summer camp prior to the final year. To learn more about the specific academic requirements please see the Required Courses here.