AFROTC Cadet Life/Student Experience

Air Force ROTC - Cadet Life


Program Requirements

The General Military Course (GMC) is the first half of the Air Force ROTC program and is taken during the Freshman and/or Sophomore (or graduate equivalent) year(s). This program allows students to participate in Air Force ROTC for up to two years with no commitment unless on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. As a GMC cadet, students will learn more about the Air Force, Space Force, and the historical development of airpower. The second half of the program, called the Professional Officer Course (POC), has a competitive entry process and is taken during the Junior and Senior (or graduate equivalent) years. The required courses in this phase cover leadership skills and national defense policy. To learn more about the specific academic requirements please click here.

For incoming, new Cadets please click here for New Cadet Information. All new cadets must have a sports physical (click here for a blank copy of the AFROTC Form 28) completed by a physician or medical authority. To better prepare you for this exciting journey, we have developed multiple PT plans to help you get in shape or stay in shape. Click here for the workout plans. Click here for the workout plan.


Along with lessons learned in the classroom cadets have unique opportunities outside of the classroom. In the past year a new in-house flight simulator was purchased allowing cadets to practice flight skills in various aircraft flying in and out of most airports and air fields around the country. As a cadet you will have the opportunity to participate in professional development programs at different military bases throughout the country. These programs offer the unique hands-on experience of learning about all different aspects of what everyday life is like on these military bases. In addition to these professional development programs, cadets attend Field Training during the summer between their sophomore and junior year. This program is designed to teach you how to lead and communicate ideas in a clear and concise manner while engaging with other cadets from around the country.



Cadets participate in a variety of different activities creating an immersive college experience. Some of these experiences include presentation of the colors at ECU sporting events, participation in service organizations such as Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings, flying with military officers, touring different military bases, just to name a few. Cadets participate in on-campus and off-campus drills and trainings. As with any other students at ECU cadets have the opportunity to participate to participate in campus-wide clubs, organizations and activities.


Community Outreach

Cadets can either join service organizations such as Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings or get involved through the Detachment itself. Arnold Air Society is a national service-based society that picks a specific focus area each year, and each detachment bring awareness and combats the issue in their own communities. On top of the national project, each squadron sets its own service goals. ECU’s Kitty Hawk Squadron has set a goal of 100 service hours for the year. Detachment 600 also remains involved in the community by gathering and donating food and school supplies to those in need and assisting with a variety of campus events. .