About the College

About the College


The College of Health and Human Performance (HHP) at ECU is home to eight academic units (offering over 30 degree options), award winning faculty, world class research labs and a diverse student body. Our wide range of academic programs  provide an assortment of academic options for potential and current students. Student experiences inside and outside of the classroom are vast as well. Students in our programs are exposed to many different opportunities and experiences. These experiences and opportunities range from unique research opportunities, professional internships, community service projects, study abroad opportunities, just to name a few.

Our Faculty

Our award winning faculty enthusiastically engage our students in and out of the classroom through interactive lectures, research collaboration, community service projects, as well as other activities. Much of our faculty’s research can be found in national and international publications and has been presented at regional, national and international conferences.


HHP Alumni can be found in many different professional fields and actively engage with current students through internships, classroom presentations, community service projects as well as social activities. Many of our Alumni go on to receive advanced degrees in medical, educational and research fields, to name a few.

What is Prevention Science

The goal of prevention science is to foster health and well-being at all levels of society. Prevention science recognizes that the individual, family, community, and larger sociopolitical and physical environments in which we live are interdependent. It seeks to benefit all, with particular care for vulnerable populations. Prevention science is transdisciplinary; it insists on collaboration; and it includes quantitative and qualitative research. Our programs, our work, embody prevention science. To learn more about prevention science click here

Location and Contact Information

Although the College spans across more than ten different buildings, the Administrative Office for the College is located on main campus in the Rivers West building room 238. We can be reached at 252-328-4630.

College Administration

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Picture of Stacey Altman
Stacey Altman
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs
Picture of Susannah Berry
Susannah Berry
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies & Assessment
Human Develo and Family Science

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Picture of Damara Gaylord
Damara Gaylord
Business Services Coordi
Col of Health and Human Perf
Picture of Elizabeth Keeter
Elizabeth Keeter
University Program Assoc
Col of Health and Human Perf

Picture of Mack Craven
Mack Craven
Director of Outreach
Col of Health and Human Perf
Picture of Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez
Director of Technology and Dis
Col of Health and Human Perf
Picture of Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee
Associate Dean for Research
Health Education and Promotion

Picture of Heather Mulligan
Heather Mulligan
Business Services Coordi
Col of Health and Human Perf
Picture of Tom Sierant
Tom Sierant
Tech Support Specialist
Col of Health and Human Perf
Picture of Vicki Vaughan
Vicki Vaughan
Executive Assistant
Col of Health and Human Perf