Thematic Programming Initiative: Prevention Science

The College of Health and Human Performance highlights its interdisciplinary work with a yearly focus on one area that demonstrates prevention science in research and in community engagement — all of which enhance well-being and promote healthy communities.

In the first four years of the Initiative, HHP highlighted some of the areas of prevention science subject matter that our students, faculty, staff, and partners study and develop related knowledge and skills in. For our fifth-year focus, we are highlighting how we guide students in opportunities for designing, delivering, and evaluating prevention science projects, programs, and research to build resilient communities and enhance quality of life for all. 2023-2024 marks the fifth year of the Prevention Science Thematic Programming Initiative and will highlight experiential learning for HHP’s students.

What is prevention science?

Prevention science is a thread that connects all of our college’s programs. The goal of prevention science is to foster health and well-being at all levels of society. Prevention science recognizes that the individual, family, community, and larger sociopolitical and physical environments in which we live are interdependent. It seeks to benefit all, with particular care for vulnerable populations. Prevention science is transdisciplinary; it insists on collaboration; and it includes quantitative and qualitative research. Our programs and our work often embody prevention science.


Our programs and graduates make a difference at every level of life and society, from the biological cell to policy and law.



Previous Prevention Science Themes

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