Vision, Mission, and Values


We believe Health is multidimensional and impacted at the individual and societal level. The College of Health & Human Performance addresses health at participant, program, and environmental pathways through:

  • Developing innovative health interventions;
  • Promoting health and quality of life;
  • Enhancing social mobility through leadership, training, and service.



We serve our region by providing transformative opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and communities through professional training, innovative and community-engaged scholarship, as well as collaborative services that promote holistic health and well-being.



We stand as a learner-centered academic community that embraces a culture of education, innovation, support, and professionalism to promote individual success, public service, and regional transformation. With this commitment, we are guided by the following values:

Passion. An intense sense of purpose in helping unites us and compels us to action.

Inclusion. Our culture of care, belonging, and opportunity provides support and access for all.

Resilience. With a growth mindset and drive, we overcome challenges and inspire.

Advocacy. As ethical and courageous professionals, we champion holistic health and well-being.

Teamwork. Our sense of accountability; understanding of relationships (dyads to large interprofessional networks); and gift of trust in others yields greater quantities of good work.

Excellence. Attention to processes promoting college sustainability affords us opportunities for experimentation, discovery, and innovation such that we deliver transformative experiences and outcomes.



We utilize strategies and activities that align with ECU’s Strategic Plan to contribute to ECU’s success. A summary of the strategies and activities aligned with ECU’s Strategic Plan can be found in this summary.



We cultivate a culture of care, belonging, and opportunity for our faculty, staff, learners, and all stakeholders.

  • HHP’s Committee for a Culture of Care, Belonging, and Opportunity (C3BO) supports the entire HHP community and provides outreach to campus on matters most critical to establishing a welcoming, fair, and productive environment.
    • C3BO’s Virtual Resource “Room” is a Canvas site where current HHP Faculty and Staff may find helpful information related to non-discriminatory professional practice and education.
    • C3BO liaises with other campus entities to host early-career scholars participating in ECU’s Emerging Scholars Symposium.
      • The Emerging Scholars Symposium is a 3-day program for scholars nearing the end of their terminal degree studies and recent graduates, including postdoctoral scholars. The program is designed to support ECU’s pipeline for recruiting talented faculty and trainees. Participants engage with ECU academic leaders, learn about faculty life at ECU, and showcase their scholarship during the event. HHP-hosted Scholars