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Field education is the internship component of our BSW and MSW programs. These internships provide students with the opportunity to integrate content from the classroom with the delivery of social work services while under the supervision of a qualified Field Instructor. The School of Social Work offers field internship opportunities in a wide variety of agencies throughout the eastern region of North Carolina and in neighboring regions.

BSW students complete Field Education internships during their final semester. They are required to spend 32 hours a week in the field, for a minimum of 448 hours. MSW students complete two internships. The first internship occurs during the second semester of their first year. The second is a two semester internship throughout the second year. MSW students are required to spend 24 hours a week in the field, for a minimum of 336 hours a semester. Advanced Standing students are exempt from the first MSW placement. Typically BSW students are in the field Tuesdays through Friday, and MSW students are in the field Wednesday through Friday.

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MSW Foundation Year Information- SOCW 6940

MSW Advanced Year Information – SOCW 6950 and 6960

Interested in becoming a Field Instructor?

If interested in becoming a Field Instructor or Potential Field Agency, please contact the Social Work Field Office via e-mail or call 252-328-4211.

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