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Recreation Sciences – Study Abroad

Postponed due to Covid 19

“Exploring Sport in an Inclusive World”

May 11-20

Netherlands and England

This study abroad program will travel to the Netherlands and England where students will have a variety experience of different experiences related to Paralympic and adaptive sport movement. The first part of the trip we will explore the Netherlands where students will develop a greater understanding of that cultures forward thinking about accessibility and inclusion initiatives, and their approach to lifelong wellness.

Netherlands is forward thinking about accessibility and inclusion initiatives, and their approach to lifelong wellness. Additionally, this year they are the host of the 2020 Invictus Games – the location of which was intentionally chosen by Prince Harry Duke of Sussex. The Invictus Games are an adaptive sport game for veterans around the world to compete in different events, and the games only occur once every two years. According to Invictus Games: “the Games harness the power of sport to inspire recovery, support, rehabilitation and generate a wide understand of respect for those who serve their country” (https://invictusgamesfoundation.org). The group will attend Invictus Games events, have access to athletes, and participate in a “behind-the-scenes” tour with event programmers. In addition, the group will visit the Office of the Minister of Health, Welfare, & Sport to discuss the countries innovative policies and initiatives to use sport to promote health and wellness for all citizens. Finally, the Netherlands has been proactive in promoting cycling as a national means of recreation and transportation. Some 36% of Dutch citizens indicate cycling is their most frequent form of transport on a typical day. The group will explore this issue, participate in a bicycle outing, and learn how this type of activity impacts health and quality of life for citizens with and without disabilities.

After attending the Invictus Games, the group will travel to London, England. England is home of the first Paralympic and adaptive sport movement. During our time in England, we will be touring the world renowned Stoke-Mandeville Rehabilitation Hospital and visiting the brand new National Paralympic Heritage Centre. During train travel to London, student will complete an accessibility survey of travel by train, and another exploration of accessibility challenges in a sports stadium.

The program cost is $4365

RCTX 4125: International Survey of Disability & Inclusion
RCTX 4903: Special Topics (Disability and Adapted Sport)

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For more information Dr. David Loy loyd@ecu.edu