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“Exploring Dutch Drug Policy and Cultural Experience”

What are the dates of the program?
5/15/2024-5/22/2024 *course instruction may begin prior to travel and/or continue post travel.

Program Description: Students travel to Amsterdam, and Brussels, to embark on a transformative journey, delving into the intricacies of Dutch drug policy and experiencing the cultural treasures that lie within. This study abroad program offers a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from experts and immerse oneself in the vibrant culture of Dutch society. The academic visits begin with an overview of Dutch drug policy led by the Hague representative.

Delving into the complex realm of law enforcement, students embark on a thought-provoking walking tour of Amsterdam, focusing on the compassionate handling of people who suffer with substance use disorders, and individuals engaged in sex work. This enlightening experience fosters a deep understanding of the city’s approach to supporting and rehabilitating individuals struggling with addictions and other social determinates of health.

Continuing their exploration, students visit renowned institutions such as the Amsterdam Institute for Addiction Research, the Nijmegen Institute for Scientist-Practitioner in Addiction, and the Parnassia Addiction Research Centre. These visits provide a unique opportunity to engage with leading professionals in the field and witness groundbreaking research that shapes addiction treatment and prevention strategies.

With an emphasis on holistic care, students venture to the Novadic Kentron treatment center, where they witness firsthand the compassionate support provided to individuals on their path to recovery. Additionally, they have the privilege of meeting with private outreach organizations, joining walk-a longs  to comprehend the challenges faced by those working tirelessly in the treatment profession.
Beyond the academic pursuits, the cultural program of the study abroad experience promises unforgettable moments. An Amsterdam canal cruise allows students to witness the city’s stunning architecture and scenic beauty, while a cultural walking tour unveils hidden gems and stories that breathe life into Amsterdam’s rich heritage.

Culminating the program on a poignant note, students are moved by a presentation from individuals who have lived experiences with recovery from substance use disorders, sex workers and other social determinates of health, which will highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding in a global context.

In this remarkable study abroad program, academic exploration intertwines with cultural immersion, creating an unforgettable journey of discovery. Participants return home with a comprehensive understanding of Dutch drug policy, enlightened perspectives on addiction treatment and compassionate care for sex workers. Students will leave with a profound appreciation for the vibrant make-up of Dutch culture.

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Michael Daniels and Dr. Kelley Reinsmith-Jones

“Global Health in Switzerland, France, Italy”

What are the dates of the program?

5/15/2024 – 5/29/2024 *course instruction may begin prior to travel and/or continue post travel.

Program Description: This study abroad program offers learners unique insight and exposure to public health status and systems in Switzerland and throughout the world.  While in Switzerland, students will have the unique experience of studying at the World Health Organization, the United Nations European Headquarters, the International Headquarters of the Red Cross, international Headquarters of Doctors Without Borders, and University of Geneva Hospitals.  Students will process their experiences with daily journals entries and a reflective group discussion of required readings. In the pre-departure online course and assignments portfolio, students will develop a greater understanding of current global health issues and of the differences between the U.S. and Swiss health systems. They will also gain an appreciation of our speakers and the world-renown organizations/agencies they represent.   Throughout the 12-day trip, students will also learn about and gain an understanding of the Swiss, French, and Italian people and cultures while visiting historic and cultural sites in the three countries (Switzerland, France and Italy).

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Leslie Cofie and Ms. Rose Haddock

“An Exploration of Cultures in Human and Natural Environments: Italy & Switzerland”

What are the dates of the program?

05/08/2024 – 05/20/2024

Program Description: In this course, we will focus on understanding the strengths and challenges that exist among those individuals and families living in Swiss and Italian societies. Prior to our departure, students will become acquainted with the theoretical framework of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as well as be introduced to Bronfenbrenner’s Human Ecological theory. This HE theory explains how individuals and families successfully develop when they effectively adapt and modify their behaviors/relationships to their changing environment and the negative development consequences that may occur when they do not.   Through our pre-tour assignments and international travels and experiences, students will gain a better understanding of how individuals (adults and children) interact with their peers, family members and other community members – both in the present day and historically.  Students will also examine how issues such as poverty, using their resources, and aging impact daily living and well-being among individuals and families within the two countries.  Students will have multiple opportunities to personally connect to the multiple cultures that exist in these regions – as they will visit and learn about historic and modern places that will help them gain a better understanding of about how individuals and families lived historically and currently live. For example, within each country, we will spend extensive time visiting natural environments as well as human-built cities associated with the two countries, as well as the modern advancements and practices within both the Swiss and Italian regions.

This visit to Switzerland and Italy will allow students an opportunity to compare the groups of people living in each country and their cultures that date back to thousands of years.  We will also spend time examining and discussing how these countries and their groups of people have been influenced by western civilization, white immigration and the increase development of technology.  Finally, students will examine how various modern and historical community components such as housing, markets, schools, and/or health facilities within these two countries impact families and might be similar or different from their experiences in the U.S. The course fosters personal reflection and critical thinking.

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Alan Taylor

“Sport Industry and Culture in Spain”

What are the dates of the program?

May 18 2024 – May 29, 2024 *course instruction may begin prior to travel and/or continue post travel.

Program Description: This course aims to provide an overview of sport in Spain. Students will visit and meet with Spain sport organizations including professional teams, amateur sport organizations, international sport federations, and corporate sport entities in an effort to better understand sport history, organizational and institutional structure, cultural patterns, and the dynamics of sport in Spain society.  Specifically, the purpose of this program is to examine the history and organization of sport within Spain society; the social organization from amateur to professional sport; sport operations in the global economy; media and marketing of sport in Spain; and the cultural implications of sports.

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Stacy Warner and Dr. Andrea Buenano

“Disability & Wellness: Interdisciplinary Learning in South Korea”

What are the dates of the program?

May 10, 2024 – May 23, 2024 *course instruction may begin prior to travel and/or continue post travel.

Program Description: This 6 credit course will explore various fields and disciplines that promote and support well-being and quality of life of persons living with disabilities in Seoul, South Korea. Students will engage in guided experiential learning opportunities in an international environment to learn designing and instructing physical activity programs for a range of different categorical disability through visiting a local university, participating in seminars/workshops with local experts in adapted physical activity, exercise rehabilitation, and disability sports, visiting government and private sectors of rehabilitation, exercise and sports in the area, and culminating with the volunteer experiences. Students will also collaborate with the students and faculties in the Department of Sport Sciences at University of Seoul.

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. AJ An and Dr. Jaehyun Kim

“Examination of Intergenerational Trauma Through the Lens of the Holocaust”

What are the dates of the program?

May 13, 2024 – May 27, 2024 *course instruction may begin prior to travel and/or continue post travel.

Program Description: This program will explore the intergenerational impact of historical trauma using the Holocaust as an in-depth case study. Students will visit Warsaw and Krakow, where they will have the opportunity to experience hands-on work at Auschwitz and visit Schindler’s factory, and meet with Holocaust scholars and survivors. Additionally, students will travel to Vienna and Prague to visit Holocaust memorials and museums.  Prior to travel students will be required to meet with a mental heal professional (e.g.HDFS MFT-affiliated therapists) to explore their own potential triggers and experiences for intergenerational trauma. This trip provides students to see first-hand the places where trauma occurred, and to work on-site where the atrocities took place.

For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Sandra Lookabaugh and Lisa Godwin