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2023 Study Summer StudyAbroad
“Global Health: Switzerland, France, and Italy”

What are the dates of the program?
The dates are Sunday, May, 21st  2023– Thursday, August 1, 2023.   Most departing flights to Switzerland are overnight.  So, you will probably leave the US on  Saturday, May 20th, 2023.

How many students will you take? What type of student are you looking for?
Currently, we are planning on taking 15 students.  This ECU Summer Study Abroad program is designed for undergraduate students who plan on pursuing careers in public health, allied health or other health-related fields.   Many of our past participants have also gone on to graduate programs in public health, health education, medicine, dentistry, PA, PT, OT, RT, Speech, HSM, exercise physiology and nursing.  THIS PROGRAM IS OPEN TO ALL MAJORS and all majors are welcome to apply.  We are looking for students who will be great traveling companions!  The minimum undergraduate GPA is a 3.2.  You must be a current student and not graduating in Spring 2023.  If you had planned on graduating in Spring 2023, you would need to apply to graduate in Summer 1 instead of Spring, in order to participate in this program.  We cannot take students who have already graduated.

How many hours of credit will I receive and for what class?
You will receive 6 hours of credit for HLTH 4800 Field Study in International Health. If accepted to this program, you will automatically be registered for the class for first session Summer School 2023 during Spring 23 preregistration.  The cost of the program includes your tuition and fees; so, there will be no additional academic cost to you for taking HLTH 4800.  HLTH 4800 can substitute for certain courses in the BSPH major (see below) and has also been substituted in KINE, RCSC, HSM and other majors.  If you are not a BSPH mafor, contact the director of your major to find out more about how HLTH 4800 might count.

HEP-approved substitutions in the BSPH program:

Students can substitute HLTH 4800 for:

  1. HLTH 3050
  2. The remaining 3 hours will count in Prehealth Concentration Electives. OR
  3. All 6 hrs. can count towards the 22 hrs. of require Prehealth Concentration Electives

Community Health:
Students can substitute HLTH 4800 for:

  1. HLTH 3050 OR
  2. HLTH 3520 (Global Health)
  3. The remaining 3 hours will count as “electives to complete requirements for graduation

Students can substitute HLTH 4800 for:

  1. HLTH 3050

The remaining 3 hours will count as “electives to complete requirements for graduation”

What are the course requirements for HLTH 4800?
Prior to departure, students will complete an online course component and assignments, which will prepare them to visit Switzerland, France and Italy and the important international health agencies that will be hosting us.    While in Switzerland, students will participate in site visits, discussions of assigned readings and other assignments.

    What does the program cost and what is included in that price?
    Currently, the estimated cost is $3950.  This price includes: all tuition, fees and course materials.  There is no additional costs for out-of-state or non-ECU students.  The price also includes health insurance; lodging at three great hotel in Geneva, Zermatt and Stresa, Italy; all breakfasts; a meal allowance, entrance to sites of interest (such as the United Nations, Red Cross Museum, World Health Organization and various museums, castles, wineries etc.), Geneva travel card, transportation to and from airports, train travel to Zermatt and Stresa, transfers to Milan airport, ECU application fee, etc.   It does NOT include airfare

    A timeline for payments is $575 upon acceptance; half of remaining balance by the end of Jan. 2023; remaining balance by March 1, 2023.

    Where will we stay?
    We will stay in hotels in the city centers.  We will provide links to the hotels as soon as we have finalized all plans with them.

    Do I have to arrange my own air travel?
    Yes.  We do not make air travel arrangements for the group.  This is for several reasons. For example, some students will want to use their parents’ frequent flier miles.   Also, since Geneva and Milan are centrally located in Europe, students often want to explore other countries before or after our program.  We will have a very active FaceBook page where students can make plans to travel together and we will also meet four times in the Spring and share our plans, airline deals, etc.  No one has to travel alone!   There will be ample opportunities to make plans with your fellow classmates!  Getting from the Geneva airport to our hotel is a breeze!

    Where should I fly into and out of?
    If you are not planning on traveling before or after the program, you will fly into Geneva Airport on Sunday May 21st and out of Milan Malpensa Airport AFTER 12 pm on Thursday, August 1st.  (NOTE: If you flight is BEFORE 12 noon, we cannot guarantee that you will make your flight if you use the bus transfer provided by the program.  If you want to take an earlier flight, you will need to arrange for your own airport transfer from Stresa to Milan.) DO NOT BOOK ANY FLIGHTS UNTIL THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR TELLS YOU TOO, probably after Spring Break.

    Are there any scholarship or financial aid monies available?
    Study abroad scholarships for Calendar Year 2023 (spring, summer and fall semesters) will be available to apply for in Fall 2022. These scholarships are open to ECU students who study abroad during the calendar year 2023 on university-approved programs.  Global Affairs normally distributes about $100,000 in scholarships each year. The deadline to apply for Global Affairs managed scholarships is usually mid October.  

    Examples of available scholarships for Study Abroad:

    Thomas W. Rivers Foreign Exchange Scholarship  (Note: Many of our students have received this one in the past.)

    Mary Paschal & Marguerite Perry Endowment Fund

    MOST DEPARTMENTAL/COLLEGE Scholarships is January 30, 2023!

    It’s important to note that these scholarships don’t cover the entire cost of a study abroad program.  Students lucky enough to receive them using receive between $500-$1000.  (So, plan accordingly.)

    Regarding financial aid, summer study abroad classes are like any other summer school class.  If you are eligible for financial aid money for summer school, then you can use it for this class.  Contact the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor, Sherell Harris harrisy@ecu.edu.   She has walk-in hours from 11 – noon daily or you can make an appointment.  If you are relying on Financial Aid to pay for the program, you should check with Ms. Harris BEFORE you submit your application.

    How do I apply for this summer study abroad program?
    We will have an application page on the “Pirates Abroad” website and will post that link as soon as it is available.

    It is important that you apply for this program by November 1.  We will start reviewing and accepting participants on November 1.  When we reach our program limit, we will not be able to accept additional students.

    For more information or to be included on our email interest list, contact: Dr. Leslie Cofie cofiel18@ecu.edu  or
    Karen Vail-Smith vailsmithk@ecu.edu