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Minor in Public Health

The public health minor provides students with an introduction to the principles and foundations of public health.   The minor will broaden your understanding of contemporary public health issues, preparing you to be more successful applicant to graduate and professional schools and ultimately a more effective practitioner in your chosen field.  It will also help you gain skills and knowledge required to understand and participate successfully within the health care and health promotion economy in a variety of employment opportunities

Minimum requirement for the minor is 20 s.h. as follows:

Core – 11 s.h.

HLTH electives – 9 s.h.

Choose from the following:

Coordinator: Tina Marie Devlin (2214 Carol Belk Building; 252-737-5594; devlint22@ecu.edu)

Minor in Environmental Health

The Environmental Health minor is designed to help students understand the influences and impact of environmental factors on human health and the environment in a wide variety of ecosystems. (Water Air, Food, Wastewater, Vectors, Solid Waste).  This insight will provide students with a broad overview of the workings of the natural world and develop an increased awareness of major environmental issues effecting modern society.

Students can declare the Environmental Health Minor upon completion of EHST 2110.

To be eligible to declare the environmental health minor, a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. In addition, to receive the minor, a student must have an overall GPA of 2.0 in the environmental health minor courses. The minor in environmental health requires 24 s.h. of credit.


Video: Environmental Health Inspector-The Best Science Job in America

Program Coordinator: William Hill (3404 Carol Belk Building; 252-737-1475; hillw@ecu.edu)