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About Us

The goal of the East Carolina University Family Therapy Clinic is to provide an opportunity for teaching and learning among professionals and students, and to provide high-quality services to families, couples, and individuals. By offering direct services to the public, the Clinic helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice and provides a unique service to the Greenville community and surrounding areas.

The clinic is located at 612 East Tenth Street and is open Monday through Friday from 8am – 8pm.

The goals of the East Carolina University Family Therapy Clinic are to: deliver high-quality therapy to families, couples, and individuals in a safe and comfortable environment, provide an opportunity for teaching and learning among professionals and students and offer cutting-edge therapy solutions based in research and evidence-based practice.


Appointments are made by individuals interested in receiving therapy services. Concerned family members, and/or community professionals (e.g., physicians, school administrators, teachers, counselors, ministers, and others) are invited to participate in the therapy process upon receiving the client’s consent. Referrals are not needed. If you are interested in making an appointment, please call 252-737-1415.

We will set you up with a 2-hour intake consultation appointment which is a flat-fee of $20.  The intake is a time where you as a client and we as providers will determine if the clinic is a good fit for your therapy needs. After the intake the Clinic Director will review the assessment and assign a therapist that, from your intake needs, appears to be a good fit for therapy.  Fit is very important and if at any time you feel that your therapist is not a good fit, please contact the clinic director at 252-328-4206 and we will work with you to see if an adjustment can be made.

Fees/Fee Structure

2-hour Intake/Consultation fee: $20 (cash/check)

Fee per session is $120/50-60 min session (cash/check)


For those who have a household income under $75,000 we have a Standardized Income-Based fee that is less than our standard $120 fee, and takes into account yearly or monthly income, and number of members of the household.  Proof of income in the form of pay-stubs, disability letter, or tax-return information would be requested at intake to access income-based fee.  Call for an estimate of what that would be, or at intake, a fee will be determined.

All payment is due prior to the session.  The clinic will only accept cash or check. We do not accept insurance, although some have been successful at being compensated post-session by insurance. We also do not give change or refunds; any overpayment will be applied to future sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ever times where you may refer me elsewhere? 

We train our team very well, but we do recognize that there may be times that we refer elsewhere so that you can receive the best care for your particular therapy need.  Above all else we want to make sure that you are getting the best care possible, and if that means a more specialized service, we will talk with you and make recommendations and referrals.

Will I always be able to reach a clinic assistant or my therapist?

Due to our other identity as a training facility to students that also serve as interns at various clinical sites in the community, there will be times where a clinic assistant or your particular student is not in the clinic.  All therapists are required to return phone calls within 24 business hours so, please leave your name and phone number on our secured line.  If you are a new client, please also indicate on the voicemail whether we can leave a voicemail on your phone and if we can identify ourselves as Family Therapy Clinic staff. We always want to maintain our client’s safety and confidentiality, so we will not leave a voicemail or identify who we are unless you have given us instructions to do so.  To access the Spanish line please follow the prompts and one of our Spanish-speaking therapists will return your phone call.

We do not operate as a crisis clinic and so, we ask that if you are experiencing a crisis or something that needs immediate attention, please call the REAL Crisis Center (located across the street from the clinic) at 252-758-4357.  If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-threatening emergency please do not hesitate to call 911.

Clinic Staff and Faculty Supervisors

Picture of Erin Roberts
Erin Roberts
Clinical Instr/MFT Clinic Dir
Human Develo and Family Science
Picture of Susan Congleton
Susan Congleton
Admin Support Associate
Human Develo and Family Science

Picture of Andy Brimhall
Andy Brimhall
Assistant Professor
Human Develo and Family Science
Picture of Katharine Didericksen
Katharine Didericksen
Assistant Professor
Human Develo and Family Science
Picture of Jennifer L. Hodgson
Jennifer L. Hodgson
Human Develo and Family Science

Picture of Jake Jensen
Jake Jensen
Assistant Professor
Human Develo and Family Science
Picture of Angela Lamson
Angela Lamson
Human Develo and Family Science
Picture of Damon Rappleyea
Damon Rappleyea
Associate Professor
Human Develo and Family Science