RT Month Alumni Spotlight: Susan Keel Anderson

February is National Recreational Therapy month! Join The College of Health and Human Performance and the Department of Recreation Sciences as we celebrate all month long.

Name: Susan Keel Anderson
Degree, graduation year, and certifications: Recreation Sciences and Interventions, class of 2015. Susan has received her LRT, CTRS, and CPHQ.

What brought you to ECU?  
Eastern NC born and bred, excited to come back to the area.

What is your favorite aspect of Recreational Therapy?
I really appreciate observing client progress and watching them meet their goals.

What is a typical day like for you with your current role and employer?
My day is different every day – it starts with a meeting called “flash” where we round with the entire treatment team and review client progress and collaborate on any needed intervention for the day. Typically I then check in with all clients and staff to ensure everyone is supported and has everything they need for the day. I lead several meeting, groups, talk with families, and clients to ensure quality treatment is occurring at our facility. As the day continues I support all client crisis, and remain on call to support clients and staff as needed. LOVE my job.

This year, in celebration of ATRA’s upcoming 40th birthday, the theme for RT Month is “Together We Thrive, Together We Rise!” What initiatives or activities do you think foster a thriving environment within the realm of recreational therapy, and how can individuals contribute to this goal? 
Collaboration is the thing that we as recreation therapists do best. If we can join with the other disciplines and build rapport, certainly recreation therapy can excel. Licensure is important. Being evidenced based is important. Outcomes and demonstrating consistent outcomes is maybe most important. If we can join together and have a way we can show evidence based outcomes for the work we do daily, imagine!

Do you have any words of advice for prospective and/or current Recreational Therapy students? 
Be adaptable, flexible, and open to all experiences. Recreation therapy is never a boring day.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your passion for Recreational Therapy?
There is nothing more fun in this world than riding a horse.