Social Work Month Student Spotlight: Brandon

Name: Brandon Bowman
Degree and graduation year:
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), May 2023.

Can you tell us about your ECU and HHP experience and what it means to you?
ECU and HHP is like home to me. They were able to provide me with a college career that I never thought I would be able to achieve, and 4 years later I am graduating with my Bachelors in Social Work.

    Tell us about your hobbies and involvement at ECU?
    I enjoy tailgating for the football games. Fall semester is filled with fun and a lot to do on campus.

    What brought you to ECU?
    I was brought to ECU by fate, I believe. I chose ECU before I even toured, and on Pirates Aboard day I toured and it has felt like home ever since.

    Why do you want to enter the field of Social Work?
    I want to enter the field of Social Work because my enjoyment of being able to help & assist others with their needs. People’s basic needs aren’t being met sometimes, so I feel gratitude when I am able to help assist people in getting those basic needs met.

    What is your favorite aspect of Social Work?
    My favorite aspect of Social Work is seeing clients faces light up when we are able to assist them in providing resources to help them reach the goals they are after. It warms my heart when others are happy in their success.

    Tell us about your favorite Social Work course or professor(s)?
    My favorite Social Work courses would have to be Social Work Practice. I like learning about the hands-on stuff with Social Work and these courses were able to help me learn what it is like in the Social Work field as an every day worker. My favorite professors would have to be Dr. Mi Hwa Lee and Dr. Jennie Ann Cole. They are very helpful and kind women who have a passion for what they do and they teach what they know very well.

    What kind of setting or future job do you hope to have upon graduation?
    I would love to be in an adolescent setting, preferably working with mental health in teens. However, upon doing my internship, I am interested in a library Social Work setting as well.

    Tell us about your current internship/field placement or where you hope to intern?
    My current field placement is at Neuse Regional Libraries in Kinston. At the library, we run a Let’s Connect Program where the Social Worker here is able to provide patrons with resources in the community whether that be food, clothing, health clinics, transportation, substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment. We are all about being able to help the community and getting familiar with the citizens of Lenoir County.

    This year’s theme for social work month is breaking barriers. How do you plan to use your education, experience and passion for the field to help break barriers for those you work with and in the community?
    Being a male in the Social Work field is breaking barriers within itself. While this is a female-dominated career, I feel like having more males that have a passion for helping others will help male clients be subject to open up more about the issues that they are facing. Males tend to have more of a hard time opening up about the issues that they face.

    Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your passion for Social Work?
    I have grown very fond of library social work, it being a new field in social work, it is definitely needed and a big resource to any library, but especially in rural communities.

    What words of advice do you have for prospective and/or currents students? 
    Stay resilient. Resilience is a strong trait to have in this field.