HHP Student Spotlight: Nonde Carter

Name: Nonde Carter 

Graduation Year: 2023 

Why did you choose ECU? 

I chose ECU as my school as choice because I have heard positive things about the university, and I like the sense of community ECU demonstrates.  

Tell us why you want to pursue a career in Social Work?  

I became interested in social work because I wanted to have a profession that had purpose and helped vulnerable populations. After graduation I want to pursue my MSW to later obtain my LCSW and LCAS to work in clinical practice in the mental health field as well as substance abuse.   

Are you pursuing any minors/certificates in addition to your degree?  

I am adding on a substance abuse certificate.  

What is your favorite aspect/feature about your degree/Social Work?  

My favorite aspect about my degree is the flexibility allowing me to work in various fields. 

Tell us about your community involvement? 

I currently don’t have any community involvement due to my demanding academic schedule. However, previously I have been involved in BSWSA and The Open Door Community Center volunteer work.  

How do you hope to make a difference?  

I wish to work with adults and children that suffer from mental illnesses and substance abuse disorder by eliminating risk factors and establish positive coping skills with clients. 

What advice do you have for students who wish to pursue a BSW degree?  

The advice I have for future students pursing a BSW degree would be depend on their cohort as a support system.