Jenifer’s Internship Experience

Name: Jenifer Rodriguez Alvarez

Major & Graduation year: BS Public Health with a concentration in Community Health. Jenifer will graduate December 2020!

Hobbies & Interests:

I enjoy spending time with friends and family & I love spending time with my dog. I’ve also always had an interest in classical music. I played the violin since middle school and am currently trying to learn how to play the piano.

What brought you to ECU?

Growing up here in Pitt county, ECU has always been on my mind. My parents always wanted to see me as an ECU student. Since I attended Pitt County Schools, we always had field trips to ECU, such as being part of the STEM girls at ECU during middle school and giving my high school a tour of the campus. I also have a cousin that currently attends ECU.

Describe your experience working within AMEXCAN?

Working for AMEXCAN has been one of the greatest experiences. I always wanted to learn more about my community and help support it, and that is what AMEXCAN does, it represents the Latino Community. Especially during times of COVID, many have lost jobs or don’t have access to resources in rural areas. AMEXCAN always finds a way to help them out.

What led you to working in this setting?

Since both my parents are Mexicans, growing up they always told me to use my privilege of being born here in the U.S, on helping out other Latinos and immigrants in America.

Latinos are the largest minority group and it’s growing more rapidly. Yet we are still discriminated by our language and culture. To me, just by looking at my parents and family members, Latinos are one of the most hard working people out there, making a living for their families. They play such an important role in America. One of the many reasons to be a proud Latina.

What is your favorite part about your current internship experience?

My favorite part is being able to practice my Spanish. I am bilingual, but I still struggle a bit. Being able to learn more and not just be speaking it but also writing has helped improve my Spanish a lot. It’s helped build my confidence on speaking it as well.

What is your favorite aspect of the Health Education and Promotion program?

Being able to apply my skills and knowledge from previous health classes into my internship work and gaining experience from the internship to apply into my future career.

Do you have any advice to incoming Health Education and Promotion students?

Don’t be afraid to get to know your professors, great opportunities can come from them. It’s also good to know people, you never know when they will be able to recommend you for a job someday. Most importantly, never give up, always try your best and good things will come your way. Good Luck!