Maudia Ahmad Alum Profile

Maudia Ahmad is a two-time alumna of HHP. In 2014, Maudia graduated with a BS in Social Work, and then completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) in 2015. During her time ECU, Maudia received the Michael L Clements NCPHA Scholarship and was later awarded the Outstanding BSW Graduate award.

Maudia’s professional career began while she was a student, with numerous internships, including placements with Access-East in Snow Hill, Access-East at ECU Family Medicine, and the Beaufort/Hyde Partnership for Children. In her internships, Maudia gained practical, professional experience as she collaborated with community leaders and stakeholders to gather community resource information, linked patients to community health resources for Pitt and Greene counties, collected information from patients about the barriers to accessing necessary community resources, conducted patient interviews and assessments, performed medication management for medicaid patients, monitored patient reports and referrals, created and assisted with the implementation of client-centered treatment/case plans utilizing a person’s strengths and abilities in empowering them to overcome areas of need, and managed crises in coordination with the crisis intervention teams.

Maudia now works for Community Care of North Carolina. She is an integrated care coordinator, providing consultations for Care Management staff and community partners. Additionally, Maudia provides support for Care Management staff orientation and specialized trainings as it relates to behavioral health while working collaboratively to maintain communication with member’s care team to provide effective, timely, patient-centered Care Management with local Behavioral Health professionals. She also identifies and maintains current resources for referral and treatment of Behavioral Health and Substance Use and utilizes data to inform planning and implementation of Integrated Care programming.

Maudia also serves as an ECU adjunct professor in the School of Social Work, as a Macro Practice Instructor. She ensures her students’ knowledge and understanding of core competencies required to be met by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). She works with her students as they develop skills to apply critical and independent analysis of practice situations and effectively communicate their judgments, reasoning and decision-making processes, while also teaching them how to apply social work ethical principles to resolve dilemmas and create positive change among individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. In this role, Maudia has also developed strategies to effectively teach social work macro practice concepts using real world examples from current and personal macro level work experience.

Maudia tells us that “My education in the School of Social Work primed me to be a professional clinical social worker dedicated to promoting, advocating, protecting, connecting and serving communities. Even more, the professors in both the BSW and MSW program drove us and ensured our success as students, safeguarding our ability to become competent social workers. The professors inspired us to be better people for ourselves, our families, and our communities. I was taught by some of the greatest leaders I know. Attending ECU was the best decision I ever made. My learning experience was the foundation of who I am today”.

Maudia’s advice for students? “Know that you have been given all that you need to succeed. Be confident in who you are and know you will make it!”