Sydney Rossback – HHP Undergraduate Research Profile

What is your major?

My major is Exercise Physiology.

What is your research project?

My research project is titled “What is the Significance of Hand-Dominance in Motor Learning and Motor Control?” The purpose of this research is to understand the neurobiological differences between right-handed and left-handed individuals when performing an implicit motor learning task.

Who are you working with in order to complete this research project? 

I am working with Dr. Chris Mizelle to complete this research project.

How did you become involved in the research process?

I became involved in research when Dr. Mizelle recruited me from his Biomechanics course. The following semester I got to start this research project.

How do you think this research process has affected your career path(s)?

The research process has changed my career path exponentially. Before I began research I was on the pre-Physical Therapy path. After having so much fun with research, I am applying to ECU’s graduate school to continue doing research as a long-term career path. Being a part of a research lab community has opened my eyes to many possibilities and prepared me for my future.