Rebecca Olsen Pirate Profile

Name : Rebecca Olsen

Major: Fashion Merchandising and Consumer Behavior with a Minor in Business Administration

Hobbies & Interests: 

My hobbies consist of creating! I love to take pictures, craft, or make collages from Pinterest images. I thrive in the creative/hands on setting!

What scholarship did you receive?

Since my freshman year, I have been an officer in the National Retail Federation Student Association at ECU. My freshman year (January 2017) I was nominated for a merchandising scholarship to go to New York City to attend the NRF student program. My sophomore year, I was the NRFSA Student Ambassador and was able to go to the student program again! This year, I also applied for the Ray Greenly Scholarship (September 2017), and made it into the top 25 nation wide after submitting essays, and a personal brand video. The second round, I submitted a 10 page case study and was send to Los Angelos for the NRF Shop.Org conference. My Junior Year (January 2019), I served as the NRF Vice President. It was this year that I applied for the NRF Next Generation Scholarship, I was fortunate enough to make it into the top 25 nationwide (again)  after submitting essays, and a personal brand video. The second round, I submitted a 10 page case study to be sent to NYC for the student program! For my senior year, my current year, I am serving as the NRF President, and I am so thankful!

What else are you involved in at ECU?

Other than NRF, I was involved in NC PHI BETA LAMBDA my Sophomore year (April 2018), and attended the State Leadership Conference, where I competed in the Integrated Marketing Campaign with a partner and placed 2nd!

How have these funds affected your degree and career?

By being sent to the National Retail Federation conferences on scholarships, it has truly given me one on one experience with industry professionals that I can not get in the class room. In response to my attendance throughout my college career, I was able to land a full time job before even beginning my Senior year of college with Kohl’s corporate in Wisconsin! 

What has been your favorite part of this process?

The most rewarding part about this process is the opportunities that I have been able to partake in such as several conferences, interviews, job opportunities, and community outreach. The denim drive was HUGE for me too, It was very rewarding to see students engaging in something that is much larger than themselves. College students have a lot on their plates so to speak, and to see students taking time out of their busy schedules to go through their closets, reach out on Instagram, ask daily how they can serve us, was very encouraging!

What advice do you have for prospective students who want to be in your program?

My advice for prospective students would be to notice your potential. If you are passionate about something, DO IT! It doesn’t hurt to submit the scholarship application or take ten more minutes out of your day to speak to your professor in a class you’re struggling in. Notice your potential and seek your tangible resources to make it known. 

What can you tell me about your community involvement?

When I attended the 2017 NRF SHOP.ORG conference in Los Angeles, I heard Greg Renfrew from the company, ‘The Beauty Counter’ speak on sustainable retail and I was certain I wanted to bring the discussion of sustainable retail back to ECU’s campus! At the conference, this idea was rolling around in my head and it came to light when I met an FSU student who just finished up Cotton Incorporated’s, Blue Jean Go Green drive at her university. Through countless calls and research, ECU was selected to be one of six university schools participating in this year’s college program for the drive. This program collects used/unwanted denim to be turned into ultra touch housing insulation for needy homes and civic buildings. It also keeps our worlds denim out of landfills!

As a club, and community we collected over 800 pairs of jeans and partnered with over 7 local businesses and on campus locations. We set up booths all around campus as well as drop off locations. It was truly such a success!