HHP Pirate Profile - Aikman Kazee

Name: Aikman Kazee

Age: 21

Major: Sports Studies

Hobbies/ Interests: Watching sports, playing with my dog, exercising, hanging out with friends


Tell us a little about your study abroad experience:

I was able to travel throughout Ireland and London. While I was there I was able to learn about the sports culture. I also had the opportunity to tour many sports facilities like Wembley, Wimbledon, Croke Park, and The Irish National Olympic Facility. On top of this you really get immersed in the culture and visit landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye. On top of this I also learned and played some traditional Irish games like Hurling and Gaelic Football. I enjoyed it so much I am actually going on another abroad trip this summer to Australia and New Zealand.


Why do you think study abroad is important for students?

I think it is important for students because it gives you a unique experience and allows for hands on learning instead of just reading about sports in other countries. You also will form many friendships that will last you a lifetime.


Please describe your current internship with the baseball team:

I am the lead marketing intern for the ECU baseball team. I am responsible for the other interns who work the games. I also get to help produce video promotions that will take place throughout the season.


Describe your daily duties / responsibilities in this position:

I receive a script for every home game and from that script I create assignment sheets for other interns working the game. The assignment sheet lists various promotions we are doing throughout the game. I am responsible for making sure every promotion has someone running it and they have the correct supplies to execute it. I myself also run some promotions as well. When we have a ceremonial first pitch I make sure that is ran smoothly and when we are do giveaways I make sure we are set up correctly.


What is your favorite part about this internship?

Getting to interact with the fans. Also all the networking you get from working with ECU athletics is great.


Do you have any advice to incoming students in your program?

Get involved! Apply for internships within the department, join clubs that reflect your major. Also get out and come support your fellow athletes at their sporting events!