HHP Alumni Spotlight - Justin Sharpe

Justin Sharpe

Class of: ’12, ’14

Degree(s):  B.S., Public Health and Master of Public Health


If you don’t get your ‘dream’ job right after graduation, take the time to determine what positions can act as a stepping stone to help you get there,” Sharpe said.

Sharpe currently works at the Student Wellness Center at Duke University. He helps students focus on their individual wellness by looking at the integration of many areas of their life through areas of wellness promotion and risk mitigation.

Sharpe also coordinates, develops, and assesses wellness promotion programming across the campus, provides individual and group health coaching, manages peer health educators and graduate assistants, and coordinates marketing and communication for all of the departments within the Student Wellness Center.


“We engage students through a variety of wellness experiences across campus in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety while emphasizing self-care.”

“We also provide a comprehensive education framework that addresses topics such as sexual health, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and how they impact student life. As a student, you have access to free resources and information to assist in identifying risky behaviors while working together to brainstorm ideas on how to reduce your risk and implement a harm reduction strategy.”


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