HHP Alumni Spotlight - Marcy Regan

HHP Alumni Spotlight – Marcy Regan

Marcy Regan

Class of: ’12, ‘17

Degree(s): B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences and MAEd, Human Development and Family Science

“The best advice I have for someone about to begin their career or further their education at East Carolina University is to seize every single opportunity of authentic learning and to establish connections,” Regan said.


As a graduate twice from the College Health and Human Performance Regan says her experiences at East Carolina has truly set the stage for her professional career.

“Completing my undergraduate and graduate studies under the direction of Dr. Cheryl Johnson taught me numerous skills in the field as well as helped me discover my calling and passion: to assist perinatal women and families in Eastern North Carolina.”

Regan founded a 501c3 nonprofit, Hope Women & Family Services, Inc., in July 2017. The organization provides Eastern North Carolina with perinatal education, services, and support. The organization’s focus is their Postpartum Support Project. 

Why Hope Women & Family Services?

“The very fabric of our society is centered around family. If our family units, however they are comprised, are not receiving the critical support they need at such a transitional time, what an injustice that is to our local families and inevitably society as a whole” Regan states.

She continues, “Our culture is one that thrives on the idea of postpartum women returning to “normal” as soon as possible. Back to normal work schedules, back to regular weight, back to regular self-care time and date nights. What our culture at large fails to realize is normal is illusive. Normal is defined as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”.  Welcoming a child, regardless if it is through childbirth or adoption, is the birth of a new mother and a woman who has to navigate molding her previous life and sense of self with her new title and child. The industrial age has brought many positive changes to our societies. One thing that has been lost in the passing years is the idea of “it takes a village”. Many of us are in our own little silos, trudging along and feeling like we are on autopilot. A majority of members in our society are working long hours and are struggling to keep their households afloat. The need for a village has never left, our society has just changed the narrative.”

Lastly, “We were founded because we believe tangible, hands-and-feet support is what our society is missing. Our proposed projects aim to provide birth doula services, in-home postpartum doula support, educational opportunities, and more. Through these in-person meetings we will help our clients to feel confident, competent, and heard.”


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