Internship Interview - Amber Hinshaw

Name: Amber Hinshaw 

Internship Location: Greensboro, North Carolina 

Organization: Guilford County Department of Public Health 

Responsibilities: I am assisting with Guilford County’s CCHC (Child Care Health Consultation) program. Child Care Health Consultants strive to promote the healthy development of children and the reduction of illnesses in the child care setting. I work closely with the Supervisor and CCHC nurses to ensure a safe and healthy environment, early detection of developmental delays, infectious disease control measures, monitoring of immunizations, as well as other relevant services in the daycare setting. I assist with trainings and health and safety assessments, develop creative educational materials, assist in a variety of office functions, as well as complete other projects as needed. 

Advice to Upcoming Interns: Start looking for internships as soon as you can. Go into the first day with confidence and a positive attitude. Don’t be intimidated if you need help or don’t understand something; it is a LEARNING experience. It’s important to be social and create as many relationships within your worksite as you can. Having connections will benefit you in the long run! 

About Amber Hinshaw: I love to travel and spend time with my friends and family. My favorite aspect of Public Health is community outreach and making a positive impact in others’ lives. It’s rewarding to make a difference and see that your goals and objectives are being met.