HHP Undergraduate Research Spotlight - Zackary Kern

Zackary Kern

Major: BS Health Fitness Specialist

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bhibha Das

Describe your current research project:

The research project that I am taking part in this semester is looking at the impact of an eight-week yoga intervention on low-back pain in university employees.

Why did you choose this particular topic?

I chose this topic because looking at different types of interventions and the research found, we can help individuals decrease low-back pain.

What outcomes or impact do you hope your research will accomplish?

The overall goal is to see if yoga is an effective form of exercise that individuals can participate in to help relieve or minimize pain in the lower back.

Do you feel that participating in such research will impact your job placement after graduation? If so, how?

I believe that it will impact my job placement after graduation.This research can be put on my resume. Being able to acquire experience in a research environment is something that I believe companies and businesses will take into consideration during the hiring process. It will show that I am engaged in an extracurricular activity in school. It will show I am doing more than just attending classes and making good grades. By taking initiative, it can make me, as a person and potential employee, more valuable.

What has been your favorite part of your research?

My favorite part of participating in research is being able to have the ability to conduct research that can help others. By performing research such as this, I get to utilize what I am learning and implement it. Having the opportunity to be involved in this research is rewarding, because it is enjoyable and is hands on experience. Helping others is something I have always wanted to do, and through research projects I feel that I have been able to accomplish this.

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