HHP Pirate Profile - Özlem Köse

About Özlem:

College: Health and Human Performance

Major: Doctoral Student in Medical Family Therapy

Age: 30

Hometown: Turkey

Hobbies/ Interests: Swimming, Baking


Role model: Sue Johnson

Favorite place on campus: Swimming pool in the Student Recreation Center

Favorite class: PSYC 7505: SEM and HLM

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite musical artist: Josh Groban

Why did you pick Medical Family Therapy?

I began with my master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University. After receiving my master’s, I returned to my hometown in Turkey and began practicing there for about 3 years as a couple’s therapist. I realized there is a place where physical health and psychological health merge, so I became more interested in learning about this intersection. I soon found the Medical Family Therapy program ECU offers, and met my advisor over skype. I decided to come here to learn more about the field, especially in the medical setting. So far, the program has been very challenging, but extremely rewarding as well.

Why did you pick East Carolina University?

There is a wide variety of opportunities offered at ECU, such as internships and externships. In addition, I think the quality of the coursework is an important factor. Everything offered here perfectly met my needs within the program, and within the University as a whole.

What do you plan to do upon completion of the Medical Family Therapy Doctoral Program?

I plan to practice in residency teaching as a clinical professor. In this field I will be able to teach doctors how to meet patient’s psycho- social needs.

What is your long-term goal?

One day I hope to have my own practice where I can conduct research in my own home country. I would like to bring everything I learned in the United States back to Turkey.

What is your favorite aspect of your major?

I think it is great that we learn about the cultural diversity, contextual factors, social determinants, mental and physical health all within the Medical Family Therapy program. I can learn about these different factors from my professors and classes.

Do you have any advice for upcoming Medical Family Therapy students?

In this field there are a lot of opportunities for growth, it is important to take advantage of each opportunity as much as you can. This field offers a lot of different options, such as teaching in an academic position or medical residency teaching. Be sure to realize all the opportunities as soon as you can, and then start having conversations with mentors within the program.