HHP Pirate Profile - Nadiya Yerich

About Nadiya:

College: Health and Human Performance

Major: Double major in Public Health Studies & Religious Studies

Age: 21

Hometown: Havelock, North Carolina

Hobbies/ Interests: Spending time with friends, running, & watching movies

Clubs & Organizations: President of American Medical Student Organization (4 years), Golden Key Honor Society member, Honors College, EC Scholar


Role model: Eleanor Roosevelt

Favorite place on campus: Flanagan Courtyard

Favorite food: Pierogis

Favorite musical artist: Lana Del Ray

How did you pick Public Health and Religious Studies?

I began as a Biomedical Engineer Major. After taking a semester’s worth of classes I realized that it didn’t exactly fit what I wanted to do. I ended up changing my major to Public Health and Religious Studies and stuck with it!

Why did you pick ECU?

I picked ECU because they offered me the EC Scholar Award. ECU is also an extremely supportive campus. The advisors and professors are helpful and caring.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation I plan to attend Air Force Officer Training throughout the summer and then attend medical school. I would also like to travel.

What is your long-term goal?

One day I hope to become a Functional Internal Medical Physician.

What is your favorite aspect of your major?

My favorite aspect  of my major is how applicable all my classes are to my future profession. Within my major we learn about preventing and treating disease; preventing disease is equally important, if not more important, than treating it.

Do you have any advice for young students wishing to pursue a career in the Public Health field?

Keep an open mind and begin liking group work. Almost every class you will take requires some type of group work.