Biomechanics and Motor Control Concentration

Biomechanics and Motor Control Concentration

The purpose of the biomechanics and motor control concentration is to prepare students for successful careers in the broad field of human movement including scientific research and commercial applications of Biomechanics and Motor Control. Graduates typically continue their education in Ph.D. programs or seek employment opportunities in academic, industry or government research labs.

The curriculum within the concentration emphasizes research as the mechanism to train students to become independent, creative thinkers. Current research findings are integrated into coursework, where students are taught to synthesize and analyze this research. Additionally, coursework within the concentration has a focus on teaching research skills such as: computer programming, data collection and processing with state-of-the-art biomechanics software and instruments, and scientific writing.

The emphasis on research within the program concludes with students conducting their own independent research. The goal of the program is to have students complete impactful research projects that have the potential to transform society. To assist students towards this goal, they are typically paired with a research mentor before entering the program and we encourage students to begin work on their independent research early in their training.

Associated Labs/Faculty:

The biomechanics and motor control concentration has several faculty mentors advising M.S. students. Each mentor is affiliated with a primary lab research group, but many student projects include purposes that overlap several of the lab themes, and often faculty in each lab collaborate on master’s theses committees. Please click on the lab links or contact the affiliated faculty for more specific information about their current projects.

The Devita Lab– Paul DeVita

Performance Optimization LabZachary Domire, Patrick Rider, and Tony Kulas

Sensory Motor Integration Lab – Chris Mizelle

Visual Motor LabNicholas Murray


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The biomechanics and motor program is honored to have had such excellent former students who are enjoying successful careers in academia and industry. Here are just a few examples of where our alumni are at now:

Alumni that have gone on to Ph.D. programs: Alison Gruber (Assistant Professor – Indiana University Bloomington), Brian Moscicki (Lecturer – Indiana University Bloomington), Hunter Bennett (Assistant Professor – Old Dominion University), Binal Motawar (PhD – University of Wisconsin), Josh Leonardis (PhD Student – Michigan), Rebecca Krupenevich (PhD Student – Maryland), Tyler Whittier (PhD Student – Colorado State), Jessica McDonnell (PhD Student – ECU), Chris Curran (PhD Student – ECU), Mike McNally (PhD Student – Ohio State), Daniel Kuhman (PhD Student – University of Alabama Birmingham), Jeffery Patterson (Ph.D. student – University of Nebraska at Omaha), Matthew Salzano (PhD Student – Penn State), Rachel Tatarski (PhD Student – Ohio State), Alexis Sidiropolous (PhD Student – Columbia University), Collin Bowersock (PhD Student – Old Dominion University)

Alumni that have taken academic positions: Matt Becker (Lab Manager – University of California at San Marcos), Kayla Seymore (Lab Manager – Boise State), Chris Wendt (Teaching Instructor – Winston Salem State University), Paul Zalewski (Assistant Track Coach – Virginia Tech University), Ryan Hill (Lab Manager – Wake Forest University), Robert Leonard (Instructor – University of Nebraska – Kearney)

Alumni that have taken industry positions:  Joe Helseth (Senior Researcher – Nike), Dan Schuster (Adidas), Caitlin Pearl (Motus Global), Jonathan Armada (Owner – Morrisville Crossfit), Jonathan Bulluck (Pfizer)

Alumni that have gone on to clinical programs:  John Pope (Orthotist – Orthopedic Appliance Company), Jonathan Gomez (Resident Physician – Montefiore Health System), Robert Brady (Veterinarian)