Featured Alumnus: Trey Meek

Trey Meek received his B.S. in Sports Studies in 2012. Upon graduation, Trey began working for ECU Athletics in operations. In February of 2015, he was promoted to the assistant director of athletic operations.

After several years in college athletics, Trey decided it was time to spend more time with his wife, Brittney, and his now three-year-old son. He now works for the city of Goldsboro, NC as the Bryan Multi-Sports Complex manager. Initially, Trey served as the Recreation Center Assistant, where he created and directed programs to impact the community. While in this position, he also served as co-coordinator of Special Olympics of Wayne County.

In his new role, Trey handles the complex’s day-to-day operations. The complex sits on 63 acres and houses six natural grass fields and two artificial turf fields. The complex was built to not only provide the community with a safe place to play organized sports but to impact the city of Goldsboro economically through hosting tournaments.

Trey tells us, “HHP’s program was one of a kind and fed me my desires to know more about sports and more broadly athletics and how the body works. I am still to this day, nine years later, able to draw on the knowledge I gained in my classes and use it to help younger generations understand body movement and why programs are directed and completed in the manner that they are. ECU means everything to me. I can still return and see professors I had out and about, and they recognize me and speak with me and catch-up for a few minutes.”

Trey’s advice for future students?  “Get in a program that you love and that you know you can make an impact with. Pay attention even if the class is not what you wished it would be or uninteresting to you. I still pull from that knowledge and use it as a tool for teaching younger generations.”