HHP Pirate Profile - William Hill

Name: William E. Hill

Department: Health Education & Promotion


What is your favorite part of teaching?

Teaching allows me to get to know, and mentor students.  I enjoy sharing a different perspective on a variety of topics and life lessons, other than environmental health. I enjoy the opportunity to talk about Environmental Health and share my experiences from the “front lines”.  I tell the students, “There is no better training anywhere than the training you will receive at the local health department. It is there where you are the local expert and will make important decisions about public health and safety.  Your knowledge and professionalism are on display every day! The community is depending on you!”

Why do you enjoy teaching within the Health Education & Promotion department?

The people in the department are a fun bunch of folks and passionate about promoting and protecting public health! Having the opportunity to interact and know the great work they do is exciting and motivating.  Communities served by local health departments are directly impacted by the research and publications produced by this faculty. We have a great team!…ARRRRRGH!

Favorite course(s) you teach?

Food Sanitation Practices & Principles/Institutional & Recreational Sanitation

Outside of work what are your favorite hobbies and/or interests?

Basketball, Old School Jazz, African Art, Church Activities


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